A wholesale company Tepet OÜ has been an innovative and bold pathfinder in its area since 1995. In cooperation with good suppliers all over the world we have often functioned as product developers and trend creators in design, style and material for floor coverings offered in our home market.


Tepet OÜ clients are the leading carpet and furnishing retailers in the Baltic region and Scandinavia.


In Tepet OÜ product assortment you find the following:

-          the most diverse collection of natural sheepskins and cowhides in the region

-          an exclusive collection of woollen handcrafted carpets

-          score of varied sizes sisal and seagrass carpets in  different weaves and colours

-          many sizes of popular high piled carpets in wide colour range


Our cutting and bordering branch guarantees that even special orders are filled fast.


Janek Vipre

General Manager


Tepet OÜ
Raudtee 4
90302 Lihula
Tel. +372 4725520
Fax +372 4778253